Monday, 31 July 2017

Apple Store Outperforms Google Play Store, Android 0 Roundtable Brings Changes & vmWare Create Linux OS.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Happy Hacking Linux Dual Boot With MacOS, Ubuntu Mate 17 Released & SparkyLinux 5 All - Purpose Distro Review.

Friday, 28 July 2017

Chromebook Workstation Runs Android Apps, Facebooks Reaches 2 Billion Users & 10 Things In Tech To Know.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Open Table iPhone App, 5 iPhone Apps To Save Money & Acast Podcast Network Crings CarPlay To iPhone App.

Train To Build iOS Apps, 11 iOS Features & Touch Friendly Controls In Chrome OS.

Get The Most From iOS 11, Warchant Offers Free App For iPhone And Android & The Best Of iOS 11 On iPhone.

How To Make Animated GIFS Of iPhone Screen, Paid Apps For Free & Twitter For Android.

iOS Camera New Features, Softorino You Tube Converor & Ulysses Writing App For iOS.

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4 Reasons For Mobile Apps, 1.6 Trillion Hours Spent On Mobile Apps & What Do Users Expect In An App.

10 Things In Tech You Might Want To Know, 5 iPhone 8 Rumours & Apple Release macOS High Sierra Beta For Developers.

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13 Great Features Of iOS 11, 10 New Apps For iPhone And iPad & New Features in iOS 11 Bring Multitasking.

Installing Countly Analytics In Centos and Debian, Bash Prompt Tips and Tricks & OpenBSD Gets Unique Kernels On Reboot.

Hotspot GUI Performance Profiler, Debian Jessie Released & Fedora 26 Final Released.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Fedora 19 Desktop Edition Released, Installing Hbase Database Server On Ubuntu & Cinnamon 2.0 New Release.

Ubuntu Launches On Mobile, 5 Best Alternative Window Managers & Dell Precision 7520 DE Ubuntu Laptop.

Antergos User Friendly Desktop, Linux Media Center Software & Azure Files Storage Errors On Windows.

Raspian GNU/Linux New Release, ChromeOS Touch Controls Beta Available & Beginning Android Development.

Linux Systemd Vulnerable To DNS Attack, Pop!_OS and System76 & Is Android Really Just Linux ?.

Linux Program For Power Users, Installing SnipeIT On Centos And Ubuntu & Linux and macOS Malware Threats Tripled.

Bash Tips And Tricks, Google Release A Samba Client For Android & Configuring Gzip With Nginx.

Fish Shell Simplifies Linux Commands, Plex Status Displays On PiTFT Screen & Kubernetes 1.7 On Ubuntu.

Installing MariaDB On Centos 6, 8 Open Source Libraries For iOS & Zip Bombs On Vulnerability Scanners.

Installing Webmin On Debian 9, Installing a PXE Server On Centos 7 & Fedora Switch From Yum To DNF.

Friday, 7 July 2017

Apple Release OS X 10.11 El Capitan Open Source Darwin Code, Epic Games Supports Blender Development & JabirOS Review.

Skype Mobile App Annihilated By Users, Get 1 Million Downloads For Your Mobile App & What Mobile Users Expect From An App.

Debian 9 Gets Security Upgrades, Cloud Commander File Manager & Learn Linux In One Week.

Openfire Server Administration, Switching to GNU/Linux & Installing Wireless Drivers On Opensuse.

Analytics Made Easy With Watson Analytics, FirewallD On Centos & VirtualBox Download For Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.1.

Installing Wallpapers In Fedora 26 & 11 Things To Do After Installing Fedora 21 And Fedora 22.

Tutorials On Installing Oracle Database On Centos 7, Installing Samba 4 On Centos 7 & Installing Vagrant On Centos 7.

Maru Brings Debian To Smartphones, Debian Offers Improved Security & Debian Retires FTP Services.

Linux Mint 18.2 Review, Ubuntu For Desktops & Installing LEMP On Debian Stretch.

Linux Homes For Unity Orphans, Ubuntu Unity Dead & Manjaro Linux Installation.

Ubuntu Reaches End Of Alphabet With Zesty Zapus, Building Android Apps On Debian & Installing Debian Stretch.